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Harsig's Signalling Page 

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06th April 2020

Harsig's Signalling Page

 Metropolitan Line 

A selection of diagrams showing the signalling arrangements for sections of the Metropolitan Line at different times throughout its history.

Harrow to Amersham and Chesham 1962 Harrow to Amersham 1962
A diagram showing details of the signalling between Harrow on the Hill and Amersham and Chesham just after completion of the four tracking scheme between Harrow and Watford South Junction and the extension of electrification from Rickmansworth to Amersham.
Four Tracking Scheme   Four Tracking Harrow to Moor Park
A set of diagrams showing each major stage in the 1961/62 scheme to provide four tracks between Harrow North Junction and Watford South Junction on the Metropolitan Line. Make sure you zoom in to see all the detail.
Rickmansworth   Rickmansworth 1953, 1961 & 1996
A set of diagrams showing the various changes at Rickmansworth since the current Signal Cabin opened in 1953. 
Uxbridge Branch   Uxbridge Branch 1949, 1975,1994, 2018
A series of diagrams showing details of the signalling along the Uxbridge Branch of the Metropolitan Line in 1949, 1975, 1994 & 2018. You will need to zoom in to see all the detail.
Metropolitan Railway 1933   Metropolitan Railway 1933
A very large diagram showing virtually all of the Metropolitan Railway as it was in 1933. It reaches from Aldgate to South Kensington, Stanmore, Uxbridge, Watford, Chesham and Great Missenden (beyond Amersham). Make sure you zoom in to see all the detail. 
Wembley Park 1924   Wembley Park 1924
A diagram showing the arrangements at Wembley Park after the alterations made in 1923 for the Empire Exhibition. Also included is a locking table. Make sure you zoom in to see all the detail. 
Circle Widened Lines   Widened Lines 1926 & 1956
A set of diagrams showing the signalling arrangements between Kings Cross and Moorgate in 1926 and between Farringdon and Aldgate in 1956. 
Farringdon 1958   Farringdon 1958
In 1958 the Banking Engine Spur at Farringdon was relocated. This diagram shows the new and old arrangements at Farringdon. It should be read inconjunction with the 1956 Widened Line diagram above. 
Bakerloo1941   Elephant & Castle to Queens Park and Stanmore 1941
A large diagram showing the details of signalling on the Bakerloo Line in 1941 between Elephant & Castle and Queens Park or Stanmore. This follows the completion of the re-signalling of most of the original Bakerloo Line along with the opening of the extension to Stanmore. This diagram also shows the signalling on the Metropolitan Line from Preston Road to Lords.  Make sure you zoom in to see all the detail.
Baker Street   Baker Street 1987 & 2010
Two diagrams showing the arrangements before and after the recent alterations to lengthen some of the platforms at Baker Street (Met). 

Most of the diagrams are in PDF format and to open them you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have this it can be downloaded from the Adobe Website.

Harsig's Signalling Page