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Harsig's Signalling Page 

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23rd March 2020

Harsig's Signalling Page

 Hammersmith & City Line 

A selection of diagrams showing the signalling arrangements for sections of the Hammersmith & City Line at different times throughout its history.

Hammersmith (Met) 1951 Hammersmith 1951
A diagram showing details of the signalling at Hammersmith (Met) following the 1951 resignalling.
Westbourne Park & Ladbroke Grove   Westbourne Park & Ladbroke Grove 1950
A diagram showing details of the signalling arrangements at Westbourne Park and Ladbroke Grove following some alterations carried out in 1950.
Metropolitan Railway 1933   Metropolitan Railway 1933
A very large diagram showing virtually all of the Metropolitan Railway as it was in 1933. It includes the Paddington to Liverpool Street section of the Hammersmith & City Line. Make sure you zoom in to see all the detail. 
Baker Street   Baker Street 1987 & 2010
Two diagrams showing the arrangements before and after the recent alterations to lengthen some of the platforms at Baker Street (Met). 
Widened Lines 1926 and 1958   Widened Lines 1926 & 1956
A set of diagrams showing the signalling arrangements between Kings Cross and Moorgate in 1926 and between Farringdon and Aldgate in 1956. 
Farringdon 1958   Farringdon 1958
In 1958 the Banking Engine Spur at Farringdon was relocated. This diagram shows the new and old arrangements at Farringdon. It should be read inconjunction with the 1956 Widened Line diagram above. 
District East   Whitechapel to Upminster 1936
A set of diagrams showing the signalling on the east of the District Line between Whitechapel and Upminster in 1936. Today the Hammersmith and City Line runs over this section as far as Barking.

Most of the diagrams are in PDF format and to open them you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have this it can be downloaded from the Adobe Website.

Harsig's Signalling Page